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wOOt- Atvar defined

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2005 10:25 am GMT    Post subject: wOOt- Atvar defined Reply with quote

chattin w/ my good buddy AtvarCo30 the other night on Teamspeak, he relayed this lil slice of wisdom on me:

The term "w00t" is a slang interjection used to express happiness or excitement, usually over the Internet. The expression is most popular on USENET posts [1], multiplayer computer games (especially first-person shooters), IRC chats, and instant messages, though use on the World Wide Web in the form of weblogs or in forums is by no means uncommon.


w00t comes to us via a strange path through music and culture. In 1993 two songs with amazingly similar titles both rose to the top 10 of Billboards hot tracks for the year. "Whoomp, there it is," and "Whoot, there it is" by rap groups Tag Team and 95 South, respectively, were both describing their pleasure at sighting the posterior of a voluptuous woman (and following in the footsteps of the previous summers #3 smash hit "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot). These phrases quickly showed up on the internet in discussion of the songs and in similar discussion in alt.rap and rec.music.


It is sometimes explained that "w00t" is an exclamation of excitement, which cannot be used sarcastically. Because Internet text-based chat cannot communicate the vocal subtleties of spoken word, such as sarcasm, word choice can be very important to the clarity of a message. "Whoo-hoo", "yay", "hooray", and other words similar to "w00t" could all be used with sarcastic intent ("I have a dentists appointment today. Yay."), whereas "w00t" would always be interpreted as a genuine expression of excitement ("I have a dentists appointment today. w00t!").

"w00t" is pronounced to rhyme with "boot" or "shoot", and can also be written as "woot", "w00+", "w007", or any number of other leetspeak variations. The "w" in "w00t" is sometimes also followed by an "h", as in "wh00t", "whoot" or "wh007". Some argue that "w00t!" is the only proper spelling. The symbolic approximation of Latin letter forms makes "w00t" a prime example of leet. It may also sometimes be seen spelled as "wewt", without any change in pronunciation. The phrase is often used twice in succession, as in "w00t! w00t!".

The word is often used as a taunt in first person shooter games, or multiplayer games, typically used with pwned, as in "3y3 pwned j00! w00t! w00t!" (I owned you, w00t! w00t!). The word "w00t" also has a possible meaning of "We Owned the Other Team.", and is commonly used in team based first person shooters such as Counter Strike. (Although it actually originated from the first Quake servers..)

"w00t" also materialized on IRC (warez channels in particular) in the mid-1990s´┐Żan onomatopoeic word of the sound a robot might make ("clicks", "whirrs", and "beeps" were also popular). Upon entering a channel, or entering into a "conversation" with a bot, one could be greeted with "w00t": "W00t! Welcome nght_kllah back to #ultiwarez!"

Also, most people claim that the term "w00t!" simply isnt complete without the use of the exclamation mark, as it adds to the rejoiceful inherent meaning of the word.

An emoticon "\o/" is used for "w00t!" during chat. This emoticon appears to be derived from Homer Simpsons cry of happiness "woohoo!" and it is perhaps inspired by the Japanese cry, "banzai!". Both involve a shout and the raising of the arms above the head.

According to a contest on Merriam-Webster Online, this word is the third most popular word used in popular culture that is not in dictionary.

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