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Weapon Stuff

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 3:06 pm GMT    Post subject: Weapon Stuff Reply with quote

At the end of my assault rifle post, I alluded to a waiting surprise if you see me carrying AR. That surprise could very well be another weapon set to fast switch. When you charge a AR grenade, or Bio goo, you can press the button for another weapon you're carrying, and as soon as you release the bio, or grenade, the other weapon will immediately deploy.

This adds tremendous value to AR, and I'll run around with the grenade charged for a first hit. A grenade strike, followed by mini is devastating. Bio also... It's slow to charge, but once you release the payload, and flak comes up on fast switch, it makes a very nice 1-2 punch. If you miss the bio shot, the ground will be littered with slime, and make it more difficult for your opponent to avoid the flak.

In either case, you only get 1 chance to select a weapon for fast switch. It'll use the first weapon you picked, and it can't be changed afterwards, so choose carefully ;^) This is also dependent on you having weapons bound to individual keys. I *highly* recommend you do this, as mousewheel weapon switching is clumsy, and prone to errors.

You can bind 2 weapons to 1 key using the pipeswitch command in your user.ini. There's convincing arguments against doing this, but a reasonable compromise can be achieved. I like having most of my weapons available on my mouse. There's more weapons than there are mouse buttons, even on my G9. You can get around this limitation by binding 2 weapons to a button. In the example here...

MouseWheelDown=pipedswitchweapon 9 | pipedswitchweapon 6 (the | is generally above the \ on the keyboard)

I scroll the mouse down once, and I get LG, scroll again, and I get mini. Mini is really best as a finishing weapon, so once you've taken 70hp off with lg, you can scroll down, and finish with mini.

The argument against this states that for some weapons, you're 2 button pushes away from what you need. This has screwed me a few times in the past, but there's some weapons I just don't use much(bio, link, mini, rox), so it isn't so bad putting them on a secondary key.

Then we come to best weapon... I suggest making your best weapon shieldgun. That way if you run out of ammo in a firefight, you won't accidentally deemer yourself, or rocket/flak yourself against a wall. with shield as your best weapon, when you run out of ammo, and your shield pops up, you can make a strategic retreat, or pick a suitable weapon from your arsenal without any nasty surprises.
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