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PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2009 4:29 pm GMT    Post subject: Dodging Reply with quote

This is one of the most important skills you can learn in this game. It can move you away from a shock combo, or rocket salvo quickly, and it makes you unpredictable during a duel.

You dodge in the four cardinal directions by tapping the key twice in the direction you want to go. The double tap speed can be adjusted in the settings menu under input. Lower numbers require you to tap quicker to dodge, while higher numbers increase that time. Keep in mind that if you set the click time too long, you may dodge when you don't want to, with the result being you throw yourself off cliffs, and jump into lava, and slime :^P My click time is set to .30...

It's important to have a comfortable keyboard setup for accurate dodges. WASD is standard, with ESDF being a bit better imo, due to having more keys available for other things around the cluster. I use a Nostromo n52 gamepad, and the closest equivalent would be WQSF. I like having a longer stretch for my side to side keys, as I have long fingers. I'm kind of old school, so I use my right mouse button for jump, and spacebar for altfire. Reverse those keys for a more typical setup...

Back to dodging... Once you're comfortable doing a standard dodge, it's time to move around using the dodge jump. This will get you around the map faster, at the expense of being a more predictable target. To do a dodge jump, you move forward as you normally do. While moving forward you'll turn 45, then double tap the direction key opposite the turn, then jump. It sounds a more complicated than it is, but once mastered, you can cover distances quickly through the map.

I mentioned that you're a predictable target while dodge jumping... When you're in the air, the better players are going to know where you'll land, and have a lightning bolt, or combo waiting for you. You want to dodge jump when you're relatively free of risk and need to cover ground fast.

For a useful example of a dodge jump... On Deck17 at the shock pickup on top, you can do a dodge jump to get you to the SuperShield pickup from the shock platform. This saves you the time of crossing over to the beam, and dropping down on it. many times you'll grab it from under someone who took the long way ;^)

Now that we're dodging, and dodge jumping, it's time to learn the wall dodge, and ramp climb. Wall dodging is easy. You just get yourself against a wall, and dodge in the direction away from the wall. This, especially when combined with a jump will move you away from the wall very far, and quick. This can add confusion when you're fighting up close, and it might be what it takes to win a close battle.

You can also wall dodge when falling from great heights, and it'll take away some of the damage. If you fall next to a wall from very high up, the first thing you need to do is deploy your secondary shield. As your falling, move against the wall you're falling near, and when you get close to the bottom perform a wall dodge, and hopefully you'll come out of the fall still alive.

Wall dodges can also get you to secret areas in maps, and can be used as shortcuts when combined with a lift jump. As an example... In Roughinery, at the lift that's near shock... You can do a lift jump, then wall dodge when your at the top of the jump towards the ledge on the right side as you face the wall. This will put you on the ledge where DD is, and will get you there much faster than taking the ramps to it. There's many maps that have shortcuts like this, and once you develop your technique, and eye for map design you'll be able to pick them out.

Lastly we have the ramp climb. This is an art unto itself, and I haven't completely mastered the tricky ramps. In general, you get up against a ramp at the bottom, then dodge against it, and when you get close to the top, do a double jump, and you should be able to get to the ledge above the ramp. There's ramps I still can't reliably climb, but most are very doable.

Bunnyhopping isn't a replacement for dodging. The only useful application of this technique is when you're having rockets launched at your feet to frag you with splash damage. Bunnyhopping to get off the floor will help reduce the damage you receive from the rockets. Otherwise bunnyhopping makes you a very predictable target, and decent players will know exactly where you're going to land, and stop the bunnyhopping quickly ;^)

Lastly... When dueling, especially with hitscan weapons(Shock, LG, mini alt fire...), don't be predictable with your dodges. It's easy to fall into a pattern, and good players will pick up on that, and anticipate your moves. Mix normal strafing and dodges up, and don't fall into a pattern. Try to keep your next move a surprise...
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